The foregoing article provides an introduction to the 8 Canadian Reconnaissance Regiment (14th Canadian Hussars).  Commonly called the  “8th Recce” it was formed in England on March the 11th, 1941 and was disbanded in Swift Current,  Saskatchewan on Dec 15th, 1945. The following stories, text and pix are gleaned from Sabretache – Memorial Journal 1966 by C.D. Williams (the Oatmeal Savage),  Bob Gentles and Bob Green;  Battle History of the Regiment and The Liberation of North Beveland produced by Jack Morrison and Gordon  Hooey for Victoria Reunion 1993; VIII Recce Manuscript by Sgt Paterson MM, our  8 Recce  medical sergeant,  written to assist in the compilation of the Battle History; extracts from the  War Diary as provided by Leonhart Beck; other writings and articles by Joe Young and Mike  Bosnich and other sources we will acknowledge where applicable.


(Battle History) … In the 2 Canadian Division, the recce first came to light in the form of three independent squadrons.  One squadron was formed by each brigade from brigade personnel. Each squadron was to operate in support of the brigade under command of the Brigadier. On 11 March 1941, these squadrons were welded into one regiment which became the “8th Recce ”  under command of Lt.Col C.C. Mann,  the Regiments’s first commanding officer.


5 Brigade Recce Section – Talavera Barracks, Aldershot  Feb 41

From Left:  Sgt-Major Whittingstall – (Kirby walking behind Whittingstall) – Gleason (helmet) –  Anderson (driver)
Mikulosik (pillion) –
Cpl Sutherland (driver) – Adamson (pillion) – Heppell (gunner) – Bowman (helmet)
Massaro (gunner) – (Standing behind Massaro) Caldwell – Hassett (helmet) – Hawes


(Sabretache – “It started with these…” )  Early 1941 – First Regimental March Past –

(From Left) 1st bike – Galley (driver) – Adamson (pillion)  Mikulosik (gunner)

2nd bike -driver not visible – Turtle (pillion) – Jim Stringfellow (gunner)

3rd bike – only gunner visible Len Vincent

4th bike – C.L.Smith (driver) – Campbell (pillion) – John Lowen( gunner)

(rest uknown)         Outrider – Lt (later Major) Ballachey



Manuscript written by 8 Recce Medical Sergeant,  Sgt “Pat” Paterson.

Pat wrote this to aid those writing the Battle History.

Pat was awarded the Military Medal. Pat died in the late 1970’s in Montreal.